Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Museum . . .

We headed to the museum to see the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit.

We all had our favorite painting and for very different reasons. Read about them below:

"Ginevra De'Benci"

Ky's Favorite:

"I like this painting because of all the detail in her face and hair. I really like all the pretty colors."

"Virgin Of The Rocks"

Bugaloo's Favorite:

"I like nature and I just thought it was really pretty. I liked how it looked realistic. I liked how the water is far back and it makes it seem that the people are on an island. "

"The Last Supper"

Peaches Favorite:

" I liked this one because it has Jesus in it."

Although there were not many of his paintings to see, I was very impressed with the amount of working models that were made from his notebooks and journals.

I think it was a lot to ask to get a picture of four kids, pulling on pulleys that was not blurry somewhere. This was the best on the bunch. They loved this example of pulley systems. We had a great discussion about loads and increasing and decreasing work loads through pulleys.

We took this shot for Dad ( our resident pilot).

This was a favorite, the wooden bicycle. The kids loved to see the ideas for chains.

Some of the models were "hands on", meaning that we could touch and manipulate them and see how they worked. It was amazing to see how ahead of his time Da Vinci was and how many of the machines and technological advancements we have today came from many of his thoughts and ideas.

Ky loved the models that incorporated ball bearings, Bugaloo loved the Archimedes ladder (as did we all), I was really interested in Da Vinci's ideas for war machines; ie. tanks, ships, thrashers, etc. They all seemed so ahead of his time.

After seeing the exhibit, we stopped off in the "children's room". This room, or series of rooms rather, are decorated like a forest, complete with cave, rocks, trees, fish, animal tracks, and also a log cabin and tepee.

The kids had a lot of fun exploring and pretending here.

Not quite as good as the real thing, but still fun to sit on.

Oh, if they only really new how good they have it!

A little pioneer living.

Checking out the eagle's nest.

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