Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bountifully Blessed . . .

Day 10:

I am thankful for women that I glean from.

In our church, we have an organization for women called Relief Society. Through this organization, we learn more about our relationship with God, we enrich our skills as mother, wives, sisters, women, and we find joy in doing service for each other and for others. About once a month, the ladies that are in the same congregation as myself, all get together for an extra meeting. Here we learn about many different things and I am always especially grateful that there are so many women of different backgrounds and circumstances that I can learn from.

Tonight, we talked about the importance of being frugal with our grocery budget and one way to do that is to prepare and use freezer meals. The wonderful lady that was teaching us gave us so many great ideas about organization of our menus and recipes and then shared tips and secrets to freezer meals and also gave us some great recipes to get started. I especially enjoyed the discussion with the group and was able to get a lot of great ideas.

So, I am thankful to all those ladies in my life that teach and share.

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