Monday, March 26, 2012

. . . an inch is a cinch . . .

I feel like I have been extremely lucky this last week. I don't know if it really is luck, but by last night, I felt refreshed, inspired, and spiritually filled. Darling Helper crossed that point in life that leads a young, searching child to become a wide eyed, thirsty youth. I knew it was coming. I have been seeing the change in her for the past year. The responsibility level, the notice of things that have nothing to do with her own self, the concern for others, the ability to understand and contemplate more "grown-up" things.

You see, she turned 12 and is teetering on the realm of child and darling miss. I still cheer when she voluntarily chooses the child side. The side of dreaming, imagination and wonder. But, I also awe at the beautiful young lady she is becoming. I had the opportunity to venture out with her to a couple of enlightning meetings in the last few days, and I am so happy to hear the support and encouragement that can be found for our young people, if only we search in the right places.

Something specific that I really held onto was, don't try to do it all at once. Take it a day at a time. "A yard is hard, but an inch is a cinch." So, each morning, I start a new and focus on today, the now. Have I said my prayers today? Did I read the word of the Lord today? Did I serve and love others today? Not over the past year, or for a month, just today.

My shoulders feel lighter . . .

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Classics For Sale . . .

For some reason, I occasionally end up with two of the same book. I try to go through my books a few times a year and this year we have a lot of doubles and a few that we just do not read, so I am selling them. Below are the links to the Craigslist listings for the books. If anyone is interested, contact me through the listings.

If you want them all, I will ship them to you for free!

Most are in great used condition, some are brand new!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Good Tired . . .

I am exhausted. I worked, worked , worked today. Up early ( a goal ), and working in little ways. Some teaching and encouraging with the kiddos on their contributions for the day. A few errands to run; drop items off at the thrift store, groceries, items for Sunday lessons, a last minute surprise for the kiddos. ( a pet and a bit 0f responsibility ). Finally home and back to it.

The day was aboslutely beautiful. We were all grateful that we finished all our "inside" tasks early, as we were able to go outside and enjoy the sun. The kids took advantage of the warmth and got some exercise riding bikes, rollerblading, and all those wonderful outdoor activities we long for during the winter.

Mr. Gravy ( an inside joke between us ), was feeling a bit under the weather, so took it easy and sat at his workbench working on some reloading. I jumped into yard work; cleaning flowerbeds, turning garden soil, raking away the signs of winter. I hope this weather lasts. My flip flops have been screaming to come out of the closet!

** Side Note ** I was happy to see little buds pushing through the soil in my flower beds. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Caucus Time . . .

My state is having their first ever Caucus tonight. I was hesitant about the idea at first, also felt very forced by my state to join a party. I still feel that way. I like to commit, but only when I feel compelled to by my own means. Maybe I would have eventually declared, but I still have a bit of a feeling of contention about it all.

Having said that, I turned in my declaration form on Friday and am ready for the caucus tonight. I am more prepared for this Presidential election than any other. I have spent a lot of time in research, contemplation, and prayer about my decision and last week had my decision down to two of the candidates (Mitt Romney & Ron Paul ) with a strong leaning toward one of them, Romney. Mr. Romney came to our area to speak last week, and even though I was unable to attend, the local news station broadcast it for everyone.

He is a great speaker and I think motivated the crowd with the right words, but I felt that he didn't educate me about his stance on many issues. I still went away from his 15 minute message feeling unsure of him.

Ron Paul came to our area last night and spoke. Dr Paul educated me. He spoke of almost every issue you can imagine. But he didn't just tell you what he would do to fix it, he spoke about why the issue is right or wrong. He explained the constitutionality of the issues, why they are hurting or helping America today, and then explained the Constitutional means by which it should be remedied.

After Mr. Romney's message, I still had an unsure feeling. after Dr. Paul's message, and frankly about half way through it, I feel sure that I had my candidate. So, for the last few days, I have been doing more research, contemplation, and prayer and now I know who I am casting my vote for, Ron Paul.

I would hope that which ever candidate you decide to vote for, you have come to that decision through your own research and thought. So, I encourage you all to participate in the process that is a right to all Americans, VOTE!!!!

Below are links to various sites that helped me make my decision:

Ron Paul's message:

Mitt Romney's Message:

Good Luck & Enjoy!