Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2011 TJEd Forum . . .

WHAT & HOW . . . influence . . .way of being . . . HEROES . . . knights . . .statesman . . . genius' . . . MISSION . . . goal . . . outlook . . . hopes & dreams . . . mothers . . . fathers . . . mentors . . . educators . . . children . . . youth . . . thirst . . . health . . .LIFE . . . slow & steady . . . moderation . . .VISION . . .

These are all words that I would use to describe the amazing day at the 2011 TJEd Forum that I attended on Saturday, the 19th. Like last year, the morning began with an inspiring keynote address. This year it was given by James L. Ferrell, CEO of The Arbinger Institute and author. Inspiring, uplifting, and also self examining.

This was followed by five sessions of classes. There were ten classes in each session and we could attend only one. It was very hard deciding which ones to attend, but I think that made the right choices. I came home feeling rejuvinated and excited to continue learning and actually applying the things I learned.

An added bonus was spending time with some amazing ladies! You know who your are, THANKS!!! Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Charlotte Mason Series . . .

I received these beauties in the mail last week. I am so, SO excited to delve into the information and knowledge in them. I started the first book, Home Education. A lot of the information are things that I already know or have read in other books about Charlotte Mason. But there are other, more in depth things that I am excited to try.

I would like to do a series of posts as I read the books and discuss many of the topics that I come across. I will call the post series, "A Study of Charlotte". I already have a couple of posts in the process and am very excited at the opportunities that await us.

How many of you have read this series? What did you think?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's Puzzling . . .

We LOVE puzzles in our house. At least once a day, you will find someone in the house working on some sort of puzzle. We have board puzzles, wooden puzzles, cube puzzles, almost any kinds of puzzle you can think of.

The older kid-lings are great at helping the littles with puzzles. For some reason, it is hard to pass up a puzzle in progress and not help in some way.

I picked up some new "jewels" at our local Costco. I think they are our favorites. Everyday since we have gotten them, the littles have asked to work on them.

Each box contains four different puzzle sets. I paid $15 for each box. The box that says for 1 to 3 year olds I would maybe rate for 2 to 3 year olds. It would be fun and entertaining for a 1 year old, but Mom or Dad would be doing the work. The concepts that the puzzles reinforce are age appropriate and done in a perfect way.

This box contains the following puzzles:

-Colors and Shapes Puzzle
-Matching Colors and Textures Puzzle
-My First Puzzles
-Puzzles, Spin and Match

The box that is labeled for 3 to 6 year olds is age appropriate. JJ (he is 3) could put the puzzles in this box together and with my help could incorporate some of the learning. Peaches (she is 5) did a great job with the puzzles as well and I especially love the word puzzles for her. This will help to reinforce her reading skills.

This box contains the following:

-20 Word Picture puzzles
-A Day at the Fair puzzle
-Build a Town puzzle
-3D Word Puzzle Set

Some of the puzzles are "3D". Some of the pieces connect in a vertical manner to the puzzles. This is fun and I think it helps to incorporate an extra bit of understanding to the task. I would reccommend these puzzles to ANYONE with children or grandchildren between the ages of 1 to 6.

** a side note: Ky and Bugaloo ( ages 11 and 9 1/2) also liked to do the more difficult 3D Fair puzzle. Something for everyone!**

When I searched for the puzzles online, I found them sold separately ( only 1 puzzle) for about $10 each. Each of these boxes comes with 4 puzzles, a much better deal. I couldn't find them online in these sets.