Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bountifully Blessed . . .

Day 3:

I am thankful for my husband.

He is an absolutely, amazing person. He is caring and understands when I just need a hug. He is supportive and kind. He would give his shirt off his back to anyone, even a stranger. He listens to my thoughts and ideas, and occasionally responds back :)

I have known him since I was 15 and even in hard times, we have pulled through and proven to one another that we are important to each other. He would do anything for me; even climb a mountain. ;) I could go on and on, I hope he knows what he means to me; I should tell him more.

I truly can not imagine life on this earth or beyond without him. I will eternally love this man.

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Austin and Maysi said...

Yea for the amazing men in our lives!