Tuesday, February 16, 2010

President's Day . . .

My kids asked me Sunday night, if they got the day off from school for President's day. I asked them why, and they said that the public school kids get it off. I told them that if the public school kids got the day off, then we would not, because we don't follow the system. After a good laugh by all of us, I told them that it would be business as usual. I did, however have a few ideas up my sleeve.

This would be a great family trip, in the future.

We celebrated the holiday in the best way, we learned about the Presidents of the United States. A while ago, I picked up some great president flash cards. After reading through some of our American History Stories, we took turns reading through all the flash cards and learning about each of the presidents of our nation.

Ky and Bugaloo really liked this because there are some fun facts included. After this, they answered a series of 10 or so questions that I wrote based on the information on the flash cards. For example:

How many Presidents were also Vice-Presidents?

How many Presidents were sons of former Presidents?

How many presidents represented Virginia?

They did a great job with this and I hope it helped them learn a little more. For lunch, we had "Thomas Jefferson Macaroni and Cheese" as a salute to Thomas Jefferson being the person to introduce the macaroni noodle to America. The kids got a real kick out of that!

After lunch, Ky and Bugaloo completed a few "fun" worksheets about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, a cross word puzzle about the former jobs of Presidents ( again the flash cards came in handy), a grid picture, and read about the history of the flag.

Since it was also a Monday, we learned a little more about the Presidents of the LDS Church for Family Night. We read a few scriptures about the importance of latter-day prophets and then read a quote from each of the 16 Presidents of the church. We sang "The 6th Article of Faith" and "Latter-day Prophets." Afterward, the kids had some ice cream while we all played a fun Prophet card game that we were given for Christmas ( thanks Grandma!).

Everyone had a great day and they even got a little, bit of a "day off". How did you celebrate the holiday?

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