Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Great Finds . . .

For those that know me, I love a great deal!! I was at Target the other day, and decided to look through their $1 bins, as they have some good finds from time to time. They had some school supplies and I filled the cart! (not literally, breath honey) I found some great things and all just $1 each. Here's what we got:

Flash Cards: U.S. Presidents (basic info including dates served, DOB, Death, spouse, interesting facts, also has 4 cards for important D.C. monuments), Insects ( info includes size, color, description, habitat, diet, life cycle, and fun facts), United States ( 1 card for each state including D.C., info includes flag, capital, nickname, statehood, bird, flower, motto, and fun facts), Space (Great info and facts from the atmosphere to the planets, telescopes, meteors, space shuttle, astronauts, and more)

U.S. States board puzzle, U.S. states map 100 piece puzzle, Math Bingo, U.S. Presidents Workbook (goes in line with the flash cards, similar info but with activities), thesaurus, & spanish-english dictionary

There were other flash cards for math that I did not get because we already have some. There were also phonics flash cards, and other things. All for just $1 each! It has been really nice to just shop for the supplies that we need and want for our home school and not the long lists given by the public schools. We also don't feel like we have to make a big shopping trip for new school clothes. We'll just pick something up as we need it or want it. Kind of relaxing.

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