Monday, February 15, 2010

Extra Fun . . .

There were a few extra fun things that the kids got to do last week. Monday, they FINALLY got to play in some snow. The snow fall this season has been a little off. We will get a skiff or so at night and by ten in the morning it is all completely melted. Finally, we got a fair amount of snow and it decided to stay around for a few days. The girls had a blast playing in it, building a snowman and fort. It was nice, too, that they could get outside.

On Tuesday, they went to Activity Days and learned how to weave yarn on a homemade loom, of sorts. I am not quite sure of the concept and the end result, but we will see how it all turns out after their next meeting.

On Friday, they made valentine boxes in anticipation of the Valentine's they will receive from penpals. By Sunday, however, we had only received them from one family, but they also received some from their cousins, which they were very excited about. Thanks cousins!!!! Their boxes were made from empty oatmeal boxes.

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