Monday, February 15, 2010

Home Education . . .

Week of Feb. 8th - 12th:

: Finished Ether, primary songs

Spelling: Ky just completed lesson 56 and Bugaloo just completed lesson 17 in Word Lessons.

Reading: Ky read through lessons 38 - 40. Bugaloo read through lessons 37-39.

Ky started reading Nancy Drew: The Secret of the Old Clock. She wants to read the series!
Bugaloo started May Bird among the Stars.

They listened to Stuart Little.

Copy Work: Bugaloo did some review pages on the cursive she has learned so far. They both copied a poem that they are memorizing.

Math: Ky is doing great with division. She continued doing division with remainders with worksheets, word problems, and at AAA Math. Bugaloo continued with multiplication facts. She reviewed her fives and did worksheets and tables for sixe's. She alsi used counters to check her work.

History: We read more in The Story of The Thirteen Colonies.

Take Five: For "Take 5", they reviewed what they know about writing friendly letters in anticipation of getting started writing to their pen pals.

Music/Art Study: Ky and Bugaloo continued to study works by Leonardo Di Vinci.

Other: Ky and Bugaloo spent time writing in their journals every day and also in scripture study. They also did units on MusIQ and their regular piano practice and lessons. They worked on memorization of their poems.

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