Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Week of Feb. 15th - 19th:

Opening: Almost done with the Book of Mormon!!

Spelling: Ky just completed lesson 57 and Bugaloo just completed lesson 18 in Word Lessons.

Reading: Ky read through lessons 41 - 43. Bugaloo read through lessons 40-42.

Ky finished reading Nancy Drew: The Secret of the Old Clock. Here is her review:

"I really like this book because I like mysteries and adventure .
And that's what this book has. This book is about a missing will

that leaves some good friends of Mr. Crowley a lot of money.If you like
mysteries and adventure like me, you should read this book. I hope
you will really enjoy this book as much as I did. I can't wait to read
book two The Secret of the Hidden Staircase."

Ky is now reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. (Until she can get her hands on the next Nancy Drew book, that is.)

Bugaloo finished May Bird among the Stars. Here is her review:

" I liked this book because it was even more spooky than the first book.
May Bird meets Bo Clevil. The end is very exciting. Somber Kitty is
my favorite character because he dances. "

They listened to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Maurice Sendak audio collection . We have also been taking time to watch ALL of the DVD's of Anne of Green Gables.
I usually don't like the kids to watch a movie before they read the book, but they love the movies and are now excited to read the books.

Copy Work: Bugaloo and Ky both spent time copying their poems and also some scriptures.

Math: Ky has moved onto long division and is really doing great! She did a lot of worksheets, word problems, and AAA Math. Bugaloo has been reviewing her multiplication facts of 0-6. She is doing a great job! She uses worksheets and AAA Math.

History: We read more in The Story of The Thirteen Colonies, learning about New Hampshire and New York. Ky and Bugaloo worked on some pages for the History Scrapbook.

Other: Ky, Bugaloo, and Peaches worked hard on their poem memorization and it paid off. Ky and Bugaloo have their poems memorized and Peaches has the first half done. They did a great job! Now, we are just working on enunciation and presentation.

Ky and Bugaloo spent time writing in their journals every day and also in scripture study. They also did units on MusIQ and their regular piano practice and lessons. We also spent a lot of time going to the library and looking through their audio books collection.

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