Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Education . . .

Since we are new to home education, I want to learn all I can about all the different methods and also specifically more about the Charlotte Mason method. Sadly, out of the three libraries in our area, only 1 carries 1 book about Charlotte. I picked it up and read it and it was indeed very informative and inspiring, but I want more. I have also found some online sources with more info but not anything that just tells me what Charlotte herself wrote. So, I think that I will just have to buy all of her books, the search is on.

I would also like to attend conferences or conventions in the area but again, not much to be found. I will have to travel to western Idaho or Utah to find something and sadly, I have not found any close Charlotte Mason related conferences. Very frustrating!! I guess I will have to save some $$ and wait another year or two to attend one. We definitely need more options in our area for CM's like myself.

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Malissa said... has a link to Charlotte Mason's writings

Good Luck!!