Thursday, February 4, 2010

MusIQ . . .

I have to take a minute to celebrate myself. I entered an essay contest in September and thought nothing of winning or even getting a prize because, well, I NEVER WIN ANYTHING. I have never won anything before. I enter raffle tickets at community events and never win. I play games at amusement parks and never win. I am just not a lucky person, if that's what it takes. So I continue to enter contests and drawings anyway. Why? I don't know, in the hopes that maybe, someday. Well my day came, sort of.

I received an email a while ago, informing me that I had won second place in the essay contest. I had to think for a minute and remember just what exactly I had written and for what reason. So, I found the site and refreshed my memory and started to get really excited.

This is what I won:

Like I said, I won one of the second prize awards so I got:
  • 3-year MusIQ HomeSchool Subscription plus seven Lesson Plans books, one for each level of the program
  • MIDI Piano Keyboard - M-Audio KeyRig 49 (49 full-sized, velocity sensitive keys & USB connection)
  • Sound Improvement Software - Prodipe instrument synthesis for the highest quality instrument sound
We finally received the keyboard just in time for my computer to die. The hubby got that working and now we are just waiting on the lesson books.

The kids have already started on the programs. Peaches loves it and asks every day to do her piano. I find that it is easy to follow and explains things so well. She can pretty much do everything on her own, and she is 4. It took a couple of lessons to find the right ones for Ky and Bugaloo. They have taken piano lessons for a couple of years now, so they are a little more advanced. It was easy, though, to find where to start them.

I am also excited to start and improve what piano skills I have (there's not much to work with). We are going to do two sessions a week at 30 minutes each. If the kids ask, they can do more, so we will give it a good try for the next month and give an update then.

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