Monday, March 15, 2010

Week of March 8th - 12th:

Character Trait: We continued working on personal responsibility for a second week and things are going great. I have been really impressed with Ky and Bugaloo for stepping up and taking control of their lives. There was little or no reminders needed. Great job!!

Spelling: Ky just completed lesson 60 in Word Lessons. It was a review of past words and so I had her use the words in a story. She will be finishing that up this week. Just a hint: it's a mystery! She is very excited. Bugaloo just completed lesson 20 in Word Lessons.

Reading: Ky read through lessons 50 - 52. Bugaloo read through lessons 49-51.

Ky finished reading Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll.

Bugaloo finished reading Robin Hood and is now deep into the third May Bird book.

They will post their reviews tomorrow.

They finished listening to Jungle Book.

Copy Work: Bugaloo did a review of words with cursive and Ky worked on a scriputre.

Math: Ky started on decimal multiplication and has done great. Bugaloo is continuing to master her multiplication facts up to 7 with worksheets, tables, flash cards, and games.

Peaches worked on recognition and writing some of her numbers.

History: We read more in The Story of The Thirteen Colonies. We have been listening to a book on tape also, "Who was first? : Discovering the Americas" by Russell Freedman. It has been really great to listen to in the car. Lots of great info.

Take Five: They continued learning about electricity and magnets with some worksheets, books, and experiments.

Other: Ky and Bugaloo spent time writing in their journals every day and also in scripture study. They also did units on MusIQ and their regular piano practice and lessons.

Peaches and JJ spent a lot of time with puzzles and their busy boxes. I am excited to go to the TJED forum this weekend so I can learn more about the phases and hopefully incorporate them with the littles.

We played Scrabble a couple of times and I encouraged them to try to use spelling words they worked on in the past. They spent a lot of time in singing practice. They sang "He Sent His Son" as a Sacrament musical number at the Veteran's home on Sunday. For those of you that are not LDS, Sacrament meeting is when the members of that congregation (we call them wards) gather to hear speakers, sing hymns, and partake of the sacrament (bread and water). I am not fluent in other religions, but it is similar to Mass or Communion rite.

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