Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Book Reviews . . .

Ky's Review:

Alice in Wonderland

by Lewis Carroll

" I really like this book because there's a surprise on every page. My favorite character is the Mock Turtle and the Gryphon because they tell a story of when they were young. If you like surprises you will love this book."

Through the Looking Glass
by Lewis Carroll

"This book is really interesting because there are so many weird things about it, but it's so cool. My favorite characters are the Red Queen and the White Queen and all the other characters. This whole book is a big game of chess. "

Bugaloo's Review:

Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest

by Ann McGovern

"I think Robin Hood is the best book ever.You should read it your self I like Allen-a-dal he sings so well.This book is the best ever.Read it to find out what happens.I like it ,READ!

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