Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Great Find for Nature Study . . .

I found some great field and pocket guides on a recent shopping trip to Costco. I think that they will be of great use in our nature study journeys. They are not small, but are a great size to take out with you on your adventures and nature hours. They measure about 5" x 7". I went through the stacks and found all the different kids and got one of each. The publisher is Parragon.

I think that these are a great resource for nature study or general studies of each topic. I got the following for $5.99 a book:

AField Guide to the Wildlife of North America by Bryan Richard
A Pocket Guide to Insects by Patrick Hook
A Field Guide to the Birds of North America by Michael Vanner
A Pocket Guide to the Stars & Planets by Duncan John
A Pocket Guide to Trees by Jenny Linford

Some other great resources and ideas can be found here. Also, keep an eye out at your local library. We picked up a flowers field guide that is just a couple of years old for 25 cents. Enjoy!

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April Mitchell said...

Very nice find! I'll be checking my Costco- I really need to get some field guides for our nature studies.