Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week of March 1st - 5th:

Ky and Bugaloo both got letters from their pen pals and were so excited!!! On Monday, they took some time to write them letters. Peaches has been a little disappointed that she hasn't gotten anything yet, but I explained to her that Australia is a long way from us and that it will take time to get a letter to and from there. Being patient is hard for a four year old.

Character Trait: We have always tried to work on character traits and have encouraged our kids to act with manners, but I don't think that we were specific in the tools and design of them. So, we will now focus on a particular character trait and practice it in our daily lives. Last week we started on Responsibility. We talked about responsibility of our actions and of ourselves. They have been working on being responsible for their bodies ( cleanliness) and their personal spaces ( bedrooms). So far, they have been doing great. They have needed a few, small reminders, but have done an amazing job.

Spelling: Ky just completed lesson 59 and Bugaloo just completed lesson 19 in Word Lessons.

Reading: Ky read through lessons 47 - 49. Bugaloo read through lessons 46-48.

Ky is now reading Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll.

Bugaloo is now reading Robin Hood.

They listened to Jungle Book.

Copy Work: Bugaloo finished the last of her cursive work. Ky copied a scripture.

Math: Ky and Bugaloo worked on word problems this week. I love word problems because it gives them a "real life" situation in which to practice the math skills they are learning.

History: We read more in The Story of The Thirteen Colonies.

Take Five: They started learning about electricity and magnets. They read some great information and books and filled out some worksheets. We were able to find some great books about electricity and magnetism at the library. They will work on this same topic for a couple of weeks.

Other: Ky and Bugaloo spent time writing in their journals every day and also in scripture study. They also did units on MusIQ and their regular piano practice and lessons.

We played the game Settlers of Catan. The girls LOVE this game and I think that they learn a lot from it. Ky made coconut cookies on Tuesday afternoon with a friend. She also helped me make M&M cookies on Sunday afternoon.

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