Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So Much to be Grateful For . . .

We had a great two weeks of holiday and were able to spend a lot of time with family and celebrating our Savior, Jesus Christ. We are so grateful for all that He has done for us and are glad that we have the opportunity to share with our children, many times throughout the day, His message of love and compassion. We took a little break from most of our "learning" and tried to concentrate on doing extra things as a family like play games, watch movies, visit others, make goodies, look at lights, etc. We will be getting back into the swing this week with a few changes.

The first part of our first ever home's school went really well and after reading through the older posts and looking over my notes and journal, there are many things that I think worked great for us, but also many things that need a little change. The first is that I think that referring to the children in the posts as C9, C8, C4, C1 makes them seem almost like an experiment and does not let the reader feel the love that I have for my children. I still tho, insist on not using first names, so I am going to refer to them with their nicknames. This makes it a little more personal for those that are familiar with our family and for those that are not, I hope it makes you feel a little more welcome. So, I would like to give a little update for each of the children so far.

Ky (C9)- She has really enjoyed being home and has been such a help to me with great opinions and information as to her own vision of our home learning. She says that her favorite part of home learning has been the weekly Nature Study. She likes nature and getting outside to see all the different types of nature from animals to plants. She has done great with math and learning the methods for multi-digit and decimal multiplication and also did a great job starting division. She gets really excited for math and I am so glad for that. She has also taken a huge interest in History, something she was hesitant about in the beginning. She is learning a lot in piano and has been able to share that publicly in Church. She has also shown a great potential for planning and organizing. She is excited to do more with cooking, baking, and sewing. She is such a joy for us!

Bogaloo (C8) - I have really loved seeing her take hold of her creative side and just GO! She has done great with her math and is excited to be doing multiplication. She loves reading and always shares a picture or two or three or four . . . that has to do with what she is reading or studying. Her favorite part so far has been the "take five" series because she has gotten to learn about many different things. She says that learning about the solar system has been her favorite so far. She is really making strides in piano, playing beautifully. She recently got to work on public speaking by giving a talk about her baptism at a stake church meeting. She did an amazing job on both the talk and presentation. I am so glad that she can express herself artistically, the way she loves to.

Peaches (C4) - She has done an amazing job learning the sounds for the alphabet. She knows every sound for each letter and can identify them using the sound they make. She is now working on recognizing the letters by their names and is about half way through the alphabet. I think the benefit of doing the sounds first, is that she has already started sounding out words. She has also done great learning to write the letters. She said that her favorite part has been learning her ABC's. She has also worked hard on learning to recognize her numbers by name and can count to 20. She brings a fun atmosphere to our home and always keeps me on my toes.

JJ (C1) - He has been such a fun part of our days. It has been nice for the older kids to be so amazed and excited to teach and show him new things. The older girls love reading to him, building block creations, and just playing with him. Peaches and JJ have a typical love/hate relationship were either life is the best or the worst. He evens things out a bit.

This has been an amazing, gratifying, and eyeopening experience for me. I think it has changed things in me for the better and I just don't remember how I even dealt with my kids being away. I know that I could not have it any other way and that we are building such a tight family because of it. Look to our future posts for any changes that will be made. They will be few, but there, nonetheless. I hope that things are going well for all of you and that the Lord will bless your lives.

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