Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Home Education . . .

Opening: Read 3 Nephi 27-28, C9 Old Testament Reader, C8 New Testament Reader, learned some new Christmas carols

Spelling: C9 just completed lesson 49 and C8 just completed lesson 10 in Word Lessons.

Reading: Both C9 and C8 have read through their readers to lessons 21. They both read a few articles from The Friend. C9 is reading Matilda and C8 is reading Indian in the Cupboard.

C4 is doing great with letter sound recognition and when she sees a letter that she remembers she always starts with the sound of the letter first. She has even started to recognize letters in words and started to sound them out. Hurray!!!!

Family Read: We continued reading A Christmas Carol and are almost finished!

Copy Work: They are continuing to copy the Articles of Faith with #9 last week.

Math: C9 did decimal multiplication and did a great job. C8 worked on decimal subtraction and addition. C4 is working on number recognition with flash cards and counters.

History: We started reading about the Puritans and their experiences in England and journey to Plymouth in American History Stories.

Take Five: C9 and C8 worked on information about the solar system and have loved it so much that we are going to spend another week or two on the subject. They learned a lot of information about the parts of the solar system and did some basic drawings. They spent time studying solar system flash cards that we picked up from Target for $1.

Music/Picture Study: During the winter, we are going to focus on a composer and an artist every week. We will learn a little about the artist and study a piece of their work each day. With music, we will study a composer and listen to their music throughout the week.

This week, we learned about Antonio Vivaldi and listened to a cd of his concertos while doing binder work, chores, or playing.

Antonio Vivaldi

We also learned about the painter, Giotto di Bondone and studied some of his works. C9 & C8 were very interested in the paintings and amazed at the level of details.

Other: C9, C8, & C4 all helped make some yummy rolo cookies. C9 & C8 also helped sew a crayon roll for their cousin for his birthday. They did a great job and really enjoyed it and so we will try to find some more fun sewing projects to do.

C9 & C8 also attended their weekly piano lessons and practiced every day. They are each practicing a few Christmas songs and we hope to have a small recital for family in a couple of weeks.

C8 sewing lines.

C9 helping to put crayons in the roll.

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April Mitchell said...

I love your little week in review posts. I may have to start posting ours.