Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Puzzles . . .

What can I say? We LOVE puzzles at our house. All of the kids have loved to do puzzles and I try to keep that a part of learning and fun. On a recent shopping trip, we ran across these fun puzzles for $5 a box and immediately loved them.

There is a set for letters and a set for numbers. They are wooden and one of the things we like is that there is an individual puzzle for each letter and number. This makes it easy for JJ to put them together. He may not get the right letters or numbers with the correct picture, but I think it is perfect for his little hands to practice putting them together.

Peaches, on the other hand, is doing great with matching the correct information. There are a few different base colors, which I think makes learning a little easier. She sorts each of the pictures, letter, numbers, words by color and then matches them accordingly. This makes it nice so it doesn't seem like there are a 26 letters to choose from or 20 numbers to choose from, just a handful. We have only had these for a couple of weeks and we already love them. I love that they are learning something while they have fun.

I tried to look online for these, to give you a link, but could not find them. I bought them at Winco.

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