Monday, January 11, 2010

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Week of January 4th - 8th:

: Finished 3 Nephi!! Songs: Books of the Old Testament

Spelling: Ky just completed lesson 51 and Bugaloo just completed lesson 12 in Word Lessons. If the lesson just contains spelling words, then they spend two days copying the words and two days writing sentences for each word. Day 5 is spent in review as needed.

Reading: We decided to do readers three times a week now on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. At least once a week, usually twice, they read out loud to me and we work on pronunciation and reading skills. Ky read through lessons 23,24, & 25. Bugaloo read through lessons 22, 23, & 24.

Ky finished Matilda, and here's what she thought:

" I thought that Matilda's parents were mean. Her power was pretty cool and
she was really smart. Her teacher, Miss Honey, was very kind to
Matilda and was amazed at her power. The head mistress, Miss Trunchbull,
is strong and tortur
ed the kids. I thought the book was really fun to
read and I would suggest it to others to read."

Bugaloo is still reading The Indian in the Cupboard, but is almost finished. Ky is now finishing May Bird and the Ever After
which she started a while ago.

Peaches is really doing great with her letters. We only have a couple more to work on. She loves to have book read to her, especially Dr. Seuss books. Right now we are reading Sneeches and Other Stories, My j Book, My v Book, Chickens to the Rescue, etc.

JJ loves to have books read to him. This week we read a book about kittens, we also got a fun book of opposites from the library that is football themed. He also loves any Dr. Seuss books and books about cars, trucks, and trac

Family Read: We finished A Christmas Carol before the holiday and everyone really liked the story. Ky's favorite part was
how Scrooge helped Tiny Tim. Bugaloo liked how excited Scrooge was when he returned home after the third ghost and how silly he acted. Next, we are going to read some stories from Sketchbook by Washington Irving.

Copy Work
: They are continuing to copy the Articles of Faith with #10. Bugaloo has started to work on writing in cursive and began with the letters A & D. She is off to a great start! Peaches has also been doing great copying circles and swirls, and loves to write her name and other letters she knows.

Math: We have decided to work really hard on memorization of basic multiplication and so have been using flash cards, tables, tricks, and games. They have both really improved and taken hold of the methods.

History: We read the book The Story of the Mayflower Compact by Norman Richards. We are now reading The Landing of the Pilgrims by James Daugherty.

Take Five: Take Five last week was all about dictionary skills. Ky and Bugaloo really did great at this and it was a great reminder for them.

Music/Art Study: We listened to music by Henry Purcell last week and learned a bit about him.

Henry Purcell

Other: Ky did our FHE for the week, worked on a topic in her Faith In God, read the scripture for the new "Scripture Journal" task found in the Friend, and read in Book of Mormon scripture reader. Bugaloo worked on a topic in her Faith in God, finished the Old Testament scripture reader, and read the scripture for the "Scripture Journal".

They have been working hard on their piano lessons and doing a great job!

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