Thursday, January 14, 2010

Book Review . . .

May Bird and the Ever After
by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Ky's thoughts:

" I think kids my age would really like this book and if you like
spooks and tricks, you will really like this book. My favorite
part was when Somber Kitty got back with May. I think the
writing was reallyinteresting. My favorite character is Pumpkin,
because he is funny and is always scared. I'm already starting
book 2, May Bird Among the Stars!"

Bugaloo's thoughts:

"It is hard to choose a favorite character. I liked May Bird because
she is adventurous, Somber Kitty because he is May Bird's
guardian, and Beogy because he is a scary villain. My favorite
part was when May first saw the Beogy. "

The Indian in the Cupboard
by Lynn Reid Banks

Bugaloo's Thoughts:

" My favorite character was the lady indian, Bright Stars because
Little Bear liked her and I like indians. I liked the book because
the story was magical and funny. My favorite part of the book was
when Little Bear says, "You touch, I kill." Because it was funny, he
is this little Indian and the boy is huge and his knife was a little pin.
Very funny! The author made me feel like I was there
watching it happen."


jeannie said...

I remember reading Indian in a Cupboard when I was younger. It's a fun book!

April Mitchell said...

I also liked the May Bird books and the Indian in the Cupboard is an old favorite. You might like the Molly Moon books
My 12 year old is enjoying them

Anonymous said...

Image is daniel Purcell