Thursday, April 29, 2010

Challenge On-going . . .

I finished Little Britches and am onto the next step in the Putting Thomas Jefferson Education to Work challenge. Step four is: Read and Annotate a Classic. You are to complete the following steps in one week.

1. Read once through the Declaration of Independence

2. Read it again, this time looking up every unclear word in a dictionary. Write down each definition.

3. Read it again and write down 10 ideas that are interesting to you from the reading.

4. Sit down with at least 2 people and explain your ten ideas to them. Give them a copy of the Declaration so you can refer to specific items during your explanation.

I completed step one last night and will get going on the other steps. Enjoy!

1 comment:

Idaho Sutters said...

I really need to annotate! I'm good at tearing through the books, but not so good at annotating them.

Thanks for the reminder Googs!