Thursday, April 15, 2010

Berries & Beans . . .

Today, we had a great time in the kitchen making strawberry jam. I got some really yummy strawberries, for a great deal, in my last Bountiful Baskets order (If you haven't heard of this and live in AZ, UT, ID, WY, NV, WA, check it out!) so Ky, Bugaloo, and I donned our aprons and set to work.

After rinsing them, Bugaloo cut the stems off and then Ky cut them in half to be put in the food processor. They were real troopers and we all had a great time. Peaches, Ky and Bugaloo then helped fill the food processor so that we could prep the berries. I took the reins from here and finished the jam. It was a lot of fun and we probably ate more than a good share of the strawberries also.

During this time, the littles were busy playing with their beans. Really, a cookie tray filled with pinto and black beans is entertainment for JJ and Peaches. With measuring cups and spoons found at the dollar store, they love to fill, measure, and dump over and over again. They also have a couple of cookie cutters that they like to fill.

JJ likes to drive his tractors through the beans. Future bean farmer? Well, it is in the family. Ok, way, way, WAY down in the family, but you never know.

Peaches' specialty was her "Bean & Pizza Soup". She was very specific in her description of how she washed and boiled the beans and then added hints of pizza for a great flavor. In true fashion, she served everyone a helping and I think we may have a budding cook!

It was a great day! The girls really liked helping out and being a part of the experience. I really loved having them there with me, too.


jeannie said...

What recipe did you end up using for your jam? Beans and rice are some of Jace's favorite "toys" too.

Googs said...

I have always used the recipe in the Sure-Jell pectin box. I think it is easy to follow and have never had issue with it. Plus, everyone that has had it loves it!

Julia said...

Looks and sounds like lovely family time :)