Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day . . .

Just a quick note to say that our first day was great! The girls loved being home and I loved having them here. We started at about 10:30, finished with our first half at about 11:45. After lunch and getting the baby down for a nap, we started up again at about 1:15 and finished for the day at 2:45. I think it went fairly smooth. There were a couple of things we will try differently. We will do our McGuffey Readers on Tuesday and Thursday only. We may also tweak how often we do some other things as well. We'll see how the rest of the week goes.

I found a great web site with ideas for our Nature Study. I also found the book she refers to, Handbook of Nature Study, online for a free download. So I made some some journal pages and hopefully we will do Challenge #1 this week. I would like to do a once weekly post just about our Nature Study, so keep a look out. I will post about our week at the end of it!!! Happy learning to all.

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jeannie said...

sounds like a fun first day of school...wish we were closer to go on field trips with you. maybe we will join in on the nature study. anyway, i just found this website http://teachinglearningspanish.blogspot.com/...might be a good resource.