Monday, September 21, 2009

Week Three . . .

A pretty normal week, and that is not a bad thing! Here's how things went:

Spelling: C9 did lesson 39 in Word Lessons, C8 did lesson 3 in Word Lessons, C4 is working on her name

Reading: C9 read Titles 4 & 5 in McGuffey's Fourth Reader, C8 read lessons 4 & 5 in McGuffey's Third Reader, they both finished Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson and wrote in their reading journals, C4 continued with letter recognition with phonics cards and a few Dr. Seuss books

For our group discussion on the book, we took a comfy seat on the couch and chatted about the story. We all agreed that David was a very honest boy. He took his relationships seriously and was very loyal and good. C9 and C8 thought it unfair of him to have to struggle so much and I explained to them that sometimes, sadly, even though people are good, bad things can happen because unfortunately not everyone is honorable. We also talked a little about the downtrodden lives of the Scottish and Irish of that time. We all really liked the book and would suggest it to anyone young and old!!

Copy Work: We decided to take a little different approach here. Instead of a new "quote" each day, we are going to work on the same "piece" each day and then on Friday, use this "piece" for dictation. This way, I can gauge a little more how they (C9,C8) are doing with spelling and grammar. It was very helpful. I also think that it meant more to them and could retain the info from the "piece" a little more. C4 continued to work on line tracing and some letter copying.

Family Read: We finished with the book on myths and returned that to the library. I would recommend this book as a very interesting and entertaining book. I think the thing I liked about it the most, is it encompassed myths and legends from all around the world. We all liked it very much!

Math: C9 continued working on multiplication facts with worksheets and flash cards and C8 focused on double and triple digit addition. I think C4 is almost done with review on colors and shapes and will be moving on to counting and numbers very soon.

History: We started our next chapter in American History Stories Vol. 1. It tells us the story of Christopher Columbus. We were able to find a very interesting biography on him at the library and have started on that as well.

For an extra bit of fun, we headed to a fun filled, "Fancy Nancy" party with Grandma. It was held in a library and we were to all go dressed in our fanciest attire. They had so much fun! The kids got to make very fancy hair bows and the Moms, fancy watches. We listened to the story, Fancy Nancy, Explorer Extraordinaire and enjoyed every minute! We took the opportunity to practice letter writing skills and sent Grandma some thank yous. Happy Schooling!!

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