Monday, September 14, 2009

Week Two . . .

I think we are really loving this! It has been nice to do things the way we like. If we want to spend some extra time on a specific subject, we can! If we are having a hard time really getting interested in something, we can move on and possibly go back to it sometime. Here is how our week went: (Note: this may seem tedious to some of you, but I want to be able to use these posts as a reminder of what we did, what worked and didn't work, etc.)

Spelling: C9 continued in Word Lessons with lesson 38. She focused on her cursive writing with this lesson and is really doing amazing. C8 did lesson 2 in Word Lessons working on sentences.

Reading: C9 read to chapter 23 in Kidnapped and did lessons 2 & 3 in the 4th McGuffey's Reader. C8 read to chapter 25 in Kidnapped and did lessons 2 & 3 in the 3rd McGuffey's Reader. C4 continued letter recognition with flash cards and stories.

Copy Work: C9 & C8 copied the 2nd Article of Faith, 2 other scriptures and a quote from Charlotte Mason, "I am, I can, I ought, I will." This has become a sort of motto for our home. C4 continued working on line tracing and circle drawing. She is also working on her name.

Family Read: We continued reading the myths and fairy tales book. The kids are really getting a kick out of some of the ways people make up stories to find the reason behind things that happen in our world.

The Usborne Book of Myths and Legends

Math: We focused on Money this week. Recognizing the differences and counting change back. Our "Take Five" focused on this as well, so it was great to do both together. We played a couple of games, including Monopoly, thanks Grandma and Uncle for help with that. They had a lot of fun.

History: We finished our biography about Lief Erikson and learned so much!! Such an interesting tale. We filled out info in our Book of Centuries. We also did a lot of map work to go with this story. I learned a lot too!!

"Leif and the Norseman on an exploration"

We took a fun "field trip" to explore a nearby nature area. It was a lot of fun and the kids were so amazed by the things they saw. We did our next nature study challenge in conjunction with this (see a future post). They loved watching the insects, looking at wild flowers, checking out a stream and the baby got a treat when a train passed by blaring it's horn. He was in heaven, saying, "choo, choo, chuga, chuga, Mom, look!" (repeat) It was a lot of fun!

We also took a little trip to the state fair. The kids loved looking at all the animals; cows, horses, roosters, turkeys, bunnies, etc. We also tried a lot of yummy food and got to learn about wildlife from the fish & game booth, trains from the Operation Lifesaver booth, and got some free, fun info from the National Weather Service booth. I found out that they have a local station and would love to have homeschoolers come by for a field trip!! Happy Schooling!!

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