Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weekly Lessons . . .

Here is a short summary of our Weekly Lessons:

-Typing: Brief beginner lessons on typing and computer work. (C9,C8)

-Library: At least once a week to find biographies, living books, etc. (mid-week)

-Nature Study: Get outside, observe nature, record in notebooks (first of week)

-Science: Living books involving subject interested in; used in conjunction with Nature Study (C9,C8) Learn about body, hygiene, etc. (C4) (end of week)

-Field Trips: Fun adventures that help us learn more about the area we live in and reiterate lessons being learned. (at least once a month or more, on top of nature study, library, etc.)


It is getting closer to the day we start! Everyone is excited, some are disappointed that we didn't start this week, but we are waiting for a couple of more materials that should be here tomorrow. I will try to keep updated posts as to how and what we are doing. As always, any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

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