Saturday, August 22, 2009

Daily Lessons . . .

Finally, I have our lesson schedule done!! This took a lot of research, reading, time, and prayer and I believe that this will work great for us this year. You never know what will have to be tweaked or changed as we go along, but that is one of the great things about homeschooling. :) This post will contain our Daily Lessons and a brief overview of each. Some of the texts for spelling, reading, math and copy work are from A2 LDS Version. Enjoy, and as always, any ideas or comments are welcome.

2009-2010 Daily Lessons:

-Piano/Music : 20 minutes practice on weekly songs, theory work, performance songs; 2x/week MusIQ

-Opening: prayer, pledge, song, date, weather, etc. Everyone will participate and take turns.

-Spelling: Word Lessons: A Complete Speller

-Reading: McGuffey's Readers , phonics

-Copy Work: Copy Work pages; scriptures, quotes, great works, etc. ; Drawing shapes, writing letters, writing name

-Family Read: Mom reads aloud a predetermined book each day (I'm sure more than once). Poetry, fairy tales, etc.

-Math: Math worksheets, math book explanations as needed, manipulatives, games, computer programs, etc. ; recognizing shapes, colors, etc.

-"Take Five": Once daily fun facts, sometimes projects

-History: Read history stories, map work, Book of Centuries, biographies, etc.

-Playtime: Just what it says! A little break, sports, imaginative play, etc.

-Leisure Read: Read, read, read! Biographies, living books, etc.

-Journal Work: Writing a brief account of the day and what we learned. (C9, C8) Mom will write while little one narrates. (C4)

I will include our once weekly lessons in another post.

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