Friday, August 21, 2009

Lately . . .

I have been doing a bit of extra research and reading into the Charlotte Mason method over the summer, and the more I find the more I love it. I have been reading from this site, Simply Charlotte Mason. It explains Charlotte's method in an easy to understand and follow format. It also has living book references and archives. I also love the lesson plan guides. For those that are interested in starting this method, there are step by step instructions on where to begin and what to do next to build onto your lessons.

We have been working on getting our school space ready. Our basement is not quite finished yet, so the room that we will permanently be using is still under construction. Just a little more tape, texture, paint, etc. So for now, we will be using one of the other "unfinished" rooms. We got all of our bookcases, table and chairs, and cabinet moved in and I am starting to see that I will eventually need twice as many bookcases. I have finally been able to get our books, supplies, games, etc. put out and have been able to access what more we need. I think we are doing pretty good so far.

I also like many of the Montessori methods. But, like most of us, I find the products to be REALLY pricey, so I decided that I will try to make some of them myself. My first project was the Colored Bead Stairs. I really love these manipulatives and can see so many great uses for them in our math lessons. So I went to the store and found what I needed and spent about three and a half hours making them. They turned out great! When the older kids saw them and asked what they were for, I explained some of their uses and they were hooked. I figured out the price and I paid about a forth of what I would have to buy them outright!

Our "Bead Counters"

I found out, at my local library, that there are quite a few families locally that homeschool. They said that there will be a story time once a month for homeschool families so that we can get to know one another or meet others. I also got the invite, for the get-together a few weeks ago, but was unable to attend. Thanks for the heads up, but I would still like to meet some other homeschool moms in the area and maybe arrange group discussions or field trips. Anyone interested just leave me a comment with an email so I can get in touch. Thanks!!

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