Friday, May 28, 2010

Which Would You Choose? . . .

I had an interesting conversation with Ky the other day. We were on our way to do a little book hunting at a local thrift store, and she strikes up this conversation:

Ky: "Hey Mom?"

Me: "Ya?"

Ky: " Which would you choose, a candy bar or a book?"

Me: "That's a great question! Which would you choose?"

Ky: " I would choose the book."

Me: "Really, why?"

Ky: "Well, the candy bar is good to eat, but the thrill of it only lasts for a few moments. Once you're done with it, you don't continue to enjoy it. With a book, you thoroughly enjoy it while you are reading it and you can continue to enjoy it for a long time after. If you remember what the book is about, you can think about it for years afterward and remember how great it was. You can also learn a lot from them."

Bugaloo: "I agree!"

Me: "Really Bugaloo, what would you choose?"

Bugaloo: " A book, totally!"

And what was I doing during this entire conversation? Back flips, front flips, secretly crying, secretly laughing, giving myself a huge high five (all in my mind, of course, after all I was driving.) This is one of those moments that we all wait for. This is the Love of Learning that I want all of my children to have and I hope that I am doing all there is to help them find it.


Austin and Maysi said...

Right on!! Yea for you, your kids get IT!

April Mitchell said...

Great conversation!! I love those breakthrough moments!

Mrs.Smith said...