Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Nitty Gritty . . .A Master Plan

I have been spending some time, this summer, studying more of the things taught through the Thomas Jefferson Education (TJEd). The hubby and I finally sat down and made our Master Plan. It was not easy. I will not sugar coat it for you, we sat down and started going over each of the elements for a great Master Plan and for some of them, we were stumped.

In the book, A Thomas Jefferson Education: Home Companion, there is a wonderful explanation of what a Master Plan is and what it includes. Here is just a tidbit:

Nine Key Elements of an Effective Master Plan

1. Classics: Your List
2. Cultural Literacy, Breadth & Depth
3. Academic Programs
4. Adult Skills
5. Organizational Programs
6. Experience
7. God
8. Family Relationships
9. Places to go

In truth, I think we were so fine with living in the here and now that it was a little difficult to think about our children and family in future terms. As we went through each of the Nine Elements, I soon realized that we did not need to have something for every topic and that we could have general things that would involve everyone. I think that over the years, we will add things to the plan as well as take things away.

What I found was this gave me a sense of a path to follow towards the dreams and goals we have for our children. It also aids in keeping your learning more organized. I am excited to use the elements in our learning and continue on in this journey. Enjoy!

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