Monday, September 20, 2010

The Compass and The Binder. . .

Today is not usually my day for blog updates. As you can tell, I haven't done that in a while, but I thought since I am having a day of this:

(a story for a completely different post , maybe, and that is also an ice pack UNDER my legs as well)

I thought I would get caught up on things.

We took a day, a few weeks ago, to put together our binders. Being A Mother Who Knows does a wonderful job of explaining some of the ideas for this and also gives some other great links to follow. I don't see the need of repeating what someone else has done a wonderful job with already, so go here to see what she has to share.

I sat down with Ky and Bugaloo to explain the theory and use of the binders and also the ideas of the compass. I gave them a basic outline of what the compass would include and asked them to prayerfully consider what they wanted to include. They spent a day thinking over this and the next day, they both presented their compass. They both wanted to type up a copy of their compass for reference in their binders, so they got that done and we put together their binders.

Bugaloo's Compass

I also sat down with Peaches and explained it to her and we put together a compass for her as well. Her compass is almost entirely Core based. I also did my own compass. So, after feeling like we all had a direction, we started our learning a new.

I do encourage anyone, whether they are learning with the TJEd method or not, to think about what you want to do over the next few months, write down your goals, and work toward them. Enjoy!

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Being A Mother Who Knows said...

Your compass pages look much prettier than mine! I love what you did on the day public school started in your area. We need to do that in our home.

Thanks for sharing!