Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Grandparents . . .

We love our grandparents! We feel so lucky that we live close enough to our families that our kids can see their grandparents regularly. I remember visiting my grandparents on their ranch and some of my most vivid memories are of times that I was learning and gleaning from them. I remember my Granny teaching me weaving and stitching. She had a passion and uncanny ability to make something out of nothing. Her eclectic dinners and this and that toys that were always so much more fun than any toy I remember. Grandpa was so good to let us watch him in the shed work on the tractors, sharing with us the names of the tools and parts of the equipment.

I don't know if they purposely did this to teach us something or if they just instinctively passed this knowledge along because that is the way their parents taught them. They were both raised through the depression on farms and ranches. It is a wealth of knowledge and experience I will never forget.
Chatting with Grandpa while camping!

I was deep in thoughts of gratitude for grandparents the other day because one of our Grandmas took the time to send our resident artist, Bugaloo, a series of copies of sketches from the sketchbook of a local artist that she met. She sealed them in a manila envelope and dropped them in the mail. When Bugaloo got the mail (don't all kids just LOVE mail), she was so excited that she promptly showed all in attendance the beautiful works of art. Simple, beautiful, personal sketches. It made the day of our brown eyed beauty and made my heart especially grateful for grandparents and their inate ability to encourage and teach their grandchildren.Christmas tree hunting with Grandma!

Hiking with Grandma!

Another great example of this, another Grandma and Grandpa returned recently from an extended trip to visit family. We were lucky enough to pick them up from the airport and after getting settled for the drive home, they promptly began handing out small gifts to the kids. They brought a wonderful book all about ocean life from an aquarium they visited. The girls were so excited! They hovered over that book for the next week non stop! Anytime there was family time, dinner, prayer, etc., they would share with us all the fun facts they have been learning.Fishing with Grandpa!

Not only has it enriched their learning but ours! So to our Grandmas and Grandpas and to all Grandparents our there, thanks for the love, support and generosity you show. Thank you for being a part of this wonderful journey of their lives by helping them learn, grow, and love. You are all an integral part of their lives. Enjoy!

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