Monday, December 7, 2009

Home Education . . .

Opening: Read 3 Nephi 23-26, C9 Old Testament Reader, C8 New Testament Reader, "The Books of The Old Testament" song

Spelling: C9 just completed lesson 48 and C8 just completed lesson 10 in Word Lessons.

Reading: Both C9 and C8 have read through their readers to lessons 19. We started reading A Christmas Carol by Dickens.

Copy Work: They are continuing to copy the Articles of Faith with #8 last week. They are doing much better in their skills.

Family Read: We decided to save Hiawatha for later and read some classic Christmas stories.

Math: C9 started on division and took to it great. C8 worked on decimal subtraction. C4 is working on number recognition, but she has her counting down!

History: We finished out book about the Jamestown colony and we all enjoyed it very much. We learned so much! On to our next chapter in American History Stories.

Take Five: C9 and C8 learned a little more about measuring with the US Customary system. They reviewed inches and feet and leared about sixteenths and eighths. They measured things around the house.

Other: We had a lot of fun this week decorating our tree. We decided to do all out decorations made from food. It was fun to think of some ideas and the kids had a lot of fun making them.

marshmallow snowmen, nuts, gumdrop wreaths,
fruit wedge flowers, popcorn and cranberry garland.

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