Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Week . . .

Since the holiday this week made the learning week shorter, I decided that we would just forgo binder work and learn about Thanksgiving. I found some great information online including a brief description of where and why we have Thanksgiving. It included the original proclamation and one from George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. I was also able to find some word searches, cross word puzzles, coloring pages, etc.

C9 and C8 each wrote a letter a day, to someone that they were thankful for. We will deliver or mail them today! We watched a video about John Bradford and the first Thanksgiving by Living Scriptures that was fairly accurate. They read a nice poem about being thankful and then each of them wrote a poem of their own. In the spirit of the holiday, I wanted to share them. (everything is EXACTLY as they wrote, for C4, she narrated and I wrote for her)


I'm thankful for Mommy because I love her.
I'm thankful for Daddy because he's my Dad.
I'm thankful for food because it's good.
I'm thankful for my house because it's my house.
I'm thankful for books because I like to read them.
I'm thankful for drawing because it's fun.


Thanks for the birds which we love.
Thanks for the sun that shines up above.
Thanks for the garden which we shall feast.
Thanks for all Life and our trees that give least
Thanks for my family that takes care
And the world, We live there.


Thanks For Many Things

Thanks for the corn, Cobs all bundled up.
Thanks for water, That I sip from my cup.

Thanks for fire, To keep me warm.
Thanks for family, To keep me safe from harm.

Thanks for a bed, That keeps me asleep.
Thanks for a pillow, To rest my head while counting sheep.

Thanks for many things, and last but not least,
The turkey, We'll have at our feast.


I just want to add that I am very thankful to all those family and friends that help and show support for our home's school. Happy Thanksgiving!

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