Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Home Education . . .

Opening: Read 3 Nephi 20-23, C9 Old Testament Scripture Reader, C8 New Testament Scripture Reader

Spelling: C9 just completed lesson 46 and C8 just completed lesson 9 in Word Lessons.

Reading: Both C9 and C8 have read through their readers to lessons 17. They finished their "Star Wars" books. C4 and I have been reading from Story Wagon. We have also been continuing to work on the sounds of letters and letter recognition.

Copy Work: They are continuing to copy the Articles of Faith with #6 last week, still working on spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.

Family Read: We read more of Arabian Nights and are going to start on The Song of Hiawatha.

Math: C9 did great with double digit multiplication. She continued with a review of that and did a worksheet of triple digit decimal addition and subtraction for my benefit. C8 also did a worksheet of decimal addition and subtraction. C4 is working on number recognition, but she has her counting down!

History: We read about the beginning of the colonies in our American History Stories. It introduced the kids to the story of Captain John Smith and the Jamestown colony. We found a book called Pocahontas and Captain John Smith by Marie Lawson, that we have been reading together. It has been very interesting to learn more about the early settlers and their experiences.

Take Five: I have forgotten to post on this the last few times. Both C9 and C8 have really enjoyed the last few assignments. They got to learn about maps and their legends, keys, and rose compass. They learned how to use a compass and how to tell directions and learn distances from maps. They also did one about secret codes and how they are used. They got to make a few codes of their own and decipher each others codes.

Other:The service project of raking leaves went well. Now C9 is focusing on the "t" party, getting all the details taken care of.

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