Friday, May 25, 2012

Little Interruptions . . .

It seems to inevitably happen no matter what we do to foresee or prevent it.  Little disruptions here and there to our perfect routine and schedule.  This never happens to any of your home educating families, I am sure.  But what do I do when this happens? In the past it was a myriad of different things; dropping everything, trying to still fit it all in, pulling my hair out, ignoring it all and hiding in the pages of my most recent book, calling it a day and putting on a movie.  One really has to go through it all to find what works for you.  

Most recently, I have found that for us the best course of action is one of two things; a complete rearranging of the day or picking and choosing.  By picking a choosing, I mean that I might take out some of the tasks or things to do that can just wait.  Sometimes it is a chore, sometimes a particular subject, sometimes I get rid of all of it and we just read and read and read.  Interestingly enough, it seems to be that those are the days that the kiddos sit and just want to be read to.  I might throw in a board game or two and I have seen that if this happens every once in a while, the other days move along smoothly.

We have received an offer on our home and so in a few weeks will be in a transitional phase.  There will need to be a lot of flexibility with everyone and so I am sure that a lot of these tactics will be utilized.  What do you do with a day like this?


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