Monday, April 30, 2012

Blossoms . . .

apples and kiddos.

There has been a lot of blossoming going on at our home lately.  With the emergence of a tween youth in our home, things have become new and exciting.  She has brought with her wonder and maturity, learning and yes, even the occasional tears.  Not bad or sad tears, just growing tears.  It has been a blessing to be with her on this journey and I hope, that with the grace of God, we can make this journey enjoyable to all of us.  At first I was sad that she was turning 12, and I still am a bit, but I see the beauty and magnificence in this time of her life and I feel very privileged that I can help her through it all.

As I sat admiring the blossoms on our small, easy to miss apple tree, I couldn't help but think about how children are very much like these little flowers.  We give them food, sun, and love so that is the spring of their lives they can burst forth and share with the world the beauty they have inside.  If we are patient and continue to feed, nourish and love them, they will produce the most wonderful fruit.  We must not forget though, that as the master gardeners of our children's lives, we must be aware of the pests and frosts that may come their way and thus protect them through the cold.

How I want them all to blossom!  What else is true, is that blossoms do not come every spring.  With our little tree, the first year brought many blossoms and even produced a half a dozen apples.  Were the apples appealing to the taste?  No . . . too soon.  But the perseverance and desire was there.  So we continue to feed, water, and care for the tree in hopes that it would produce again.  The second year, we received many blossoms early, but alas, a frost came a crushed their beauty early.  We were not watching.  We were not prepared.   

If the "frost" comes in the night with my children, I want to be able to say that I was watching and was very much prepared. Can we always win in our war against the frost and the bugs.  Sadly, not always, but I know that I give those blossoms and much better chance if I am.  I also know that my heart will be comforted.    

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