Friday, February 10, 2012

A Comfortable Day . . .

When I decided to post tonight, this title suddenly came into my mind. Why? I am not so sure, but I'll roll with it. It was a fine day. I started out this morning with the pressure of a small arm laying across my face. Jr. had decided, once again, to grace us with his presence in the middle of the night. Though I don't really enjoy sharing my side of the bed, and consequently having a bit of a sore back as a result, rolling over and looking into the brown eyes of a smiling 4 year old, is an unforgettable moment.

After my sweet, "Good morning, Bubba," and his usual reply of, "What's for breakfast", ( do boys always eat this much?), I willed myself up and out of bed to start the day. After getting food for the hungry foursome, I headed downstairs to subject myself to the torture of the day ( exercise ). When this was done, we all jumped in to a quick and thorough cleaning of the family room; dusting, vacuuming, and all.

I sat down to mend a pillow and looked over to see little man wrestling and punching a cushion. So, I suggested that he shoot a little basketball and before too long, the whole crew was lining up. I could see that the confines of the family room was not sufficient for such an undertaking and so I quickly suggested that they dress warm, with shoes and hats, and head to the garage. I proceeded to drag the B-ball net up the stairs and out to the garage and after a few initial requests, the kiddlings settled into playing in the garage ( aka gym, arena, etc.).

With this silence, I finished the pillow, vacuumed the basement, switched laundry, and was starting lunch when the newness and fun wore off and the children stated to flow back in. After lunch, I settled onto the sofa with Peaches and Jr to delve into a stack of books chosen by the aforementioned sprites. My tongue was numb from Fox in Socks, but my heart was melted by Miss Twiggley and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Ky and Bugaloo took advantage of the moment and quickly put on the next Harry Potter book to listen to as they tidied their room. I treated the kids to a couple episodes of Adventures from the Book of Virtues, while I took a nice relaxing bath.

Later that evening, the "Man of the House" and I decided to celebrate our "Valentine's" a little early and went out. We shared a delicious chicken salad for dinner and then made a theater stop ( rare for us ), to see "Red Tails" ( very, very good show). We came home to angels already in pj's and ready for family prayer. Kisses, hugs, stories, and off to bed.

I hope your day was as good as mine, and so yes, I would say it was quite a comfortable day. Enjoy!

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