Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Countdown to Christmas . . .

To help the "littles" contain the amount of time they spend asking Mama, " How many days left until Christmas?" , I put together a little something to help them "countdown" to Christmas. Last year, a wonderful Grandma gave us a terrific book that contains stories, scriptures, and poems for each day in December. Each day is centered around a word that can help describe the Savior or Christmas time. I knew that the little ones would probably not remember most of the things we read last year, so I used some of the scriptures and stories from this same book for this year.

I typed out the scripture or story and made little "gifts" to put them in. I also got these sticker nativity sets and put the stickers randomly inside the gifts as well. I also put in some little treats about every third gift, just as a little something extra. They have loved opening a different package each night before bed and sit quietly as the message is read. Sometimes a discussion follows and other times the thought is quietly considered. Their Nativities are looking great and it is fun to see their different choices on where to place things.

It has been nice to add a new element to our traditions of this season and see that the affect has been well worth the time spent in preparing the activity. What fun traditions do you enjoy as a family?



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