Thursday, February 24, 2011

This and That . . .

We have had a very fulfilling last couple of weeks. Along with our regular learning, we have been studying the solar system. We spent an afternoon building a small solar system model. Each of the planets were painted and then the model was assembled. It is the perfect size to sit nicely on a shelf. I also like that the planets rotate around the Sun. During the process, we took time to talk about the different planets and important information about them.

We have also been watching a documentary about the planets and the solar system. Each Friday, we watch a new episode and have learned so much. We have also incorporated the reading of many a book on the topic.

Ky and Bugaloo have been baking up a storm lately. They have taken over the Wednesday roll making. I just sit by and observe and add any help as needed.

Ky also decided that part of celebrating our President's birthdays was cupcakes. She did everything start to finish all on her own. Way to go Ky!!

We took a small break on President's day. We decided to forego our usual learning schedule and focus on the Presidents. I read a short history of President's Day, we watched an animated DVD of George Washington and one of Abraham Lincoln. I also read a short biography of George Washington.

The kids identified some of the Presidents by their silhouettes. For a project, we did silhouettes of each of the kids to hang in our learning space. It was a fun project and the kids were excited to see that even with just a black profile, you can still see who the person is.

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