Thursday, February 17, 2011

Opinions Wanted . . . Ideas Needed

Ok, so I had an interesting and, some may say, crazy thought that I have been rolling around in my head for quite some time. I need opinions and thoughts from all those that this would affect or pertain to. So, to all those homeschooling families in the EASTERN IDAHO area ( or close to it), I want your opinions!!!

Here's my thought, a Homeschool Conference in Eastern Idaho. What do you think? Is this something that you would be interested in attending? Do you know of others that this would be interesting to?

I know that there are alot of homeschoolers in Eastern Idaho. Some have formed different groups or co-ops, they learn in many different ways using many different methods. Many of you have different religious or cultural backgrounds, but we all have one thing in common. We have chosen a different route for the education of our children, home education.

There is a conference put on in Boise every year at the first of June, but I can't help feeling a bit of disconnect with the wonderful people there. I also regularly attend a conference in Salt Lake City in the spring, but even though we all have the same basic goal, I still feel as though these are not the people that have the most in common with me. Wouldn't it be great to see and visit with all the many, many like minded people in our own area?

Tell me what you think and if you know of others out there, email them the link to this post/blog so I can get their input also.

Tell me things like:

Do you like the idea?
What time of year would you think is best?
What types of classes/speakers would you like to hear from?
What would you envision happening at an event like this?
Etc, etc, etc . . .

Share . . .PLEASE!!! I look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy!

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