Thursday, January 27, 2011

Appreciation for the classics . . .

I have a weakness. I will be the first to admit it. My husband will be the second. When I am out running errands, if I have a few free minutes I will pop into one of the local thrift stores and peruse the books they have for sale. One particular store, seems to get a fresh lot of books every two weeks or so. Sometimes I come away with one or two great books or classics that I have been looking for, sometimes more.

This was my last trip. All for $8.

I went to our local library yesterday to find some books about seasons. They too have a few shelves that contain books for sale. I usually don't find much, but yesterday there were a couple of good picture books and then I found this beauty:

I was quite surprised to see it sitting on the "for sale" shelves. I thought maybe they had made a mistake. So I took my finds up to the counter and asked if they were sure they wanted to sell The Trumpet of the Swan. They concurred that it was for sale. They also said that the books were buy one get one free, so I paid a whopping 12 cents for each book. We already have a copy of this book in our collection, but I know someone that would want it, so I got it. I was a little sad. A great classic being discarded by the library and sold for 12 cents. There are a great many ( ok the vast majority) of the books on the shelves of the library that we don't even look at. The word twaddle comes to mind.

I was showing my new finds to the Mr. last night. He commented on a few and then said, " Your going to need more bookshelves." Hmmm . . . . someday, I hope. Enjoy!

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April Mitchell said...

It is sad that the libraries are getting rid of the 'good' books, but it sure makes for great buys for us.