Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Week . . . Or Was It?

Our week began as regular as any. Monday was started in the usual way of working on core goals, breakfast, zones, etc. We got our binder work done and some reading in. A load of laundry and a nice job of the house being picked up. Everyone worked hard in anticipation of our family night activity. We were invited to go bowling with Grandma and Grandpa. JJ's comment was, " I will go bowling and I will like it and I will win!" He is a very confident almost 3 year old.

So, after an additional treat of dinner out ( this is so a treat for me, you know what I mean ladies) we made it to the bowling alley and everyone had a great time! All the kids were great and after an initial bit of help, the all wanted to independently take their turns. It was a lot of fun! There was some cheering, some sighs of disappointment and also a lot of laughs. Even a bit of wagering ( which was lost badly, no more wagers for you honey). Everyone had a fun time, thanks Grandma and Grandpa!!

We got home and got everyone snuggled in bed and then the real fun of our WEEK began. That sweet little almost 3 year old was suddenly sick and very sad. So, the rest of our week was taken over by a rotation of fevers, cool washcloths, fever reducing medicine, gatorade, soup, sleep, rest, movies, and this rotated nicely through 5 of the 6 people in our family. Finally today, we are down to just 1 semi-sick person and sadly it is the one that started all the fun.

We were not able to get a lot of our structured learning done, but we did read in our books and a lot of time was spent in tender embracing. I really dislike it when kids are sick. So, hopefully this week will be new and healthy and productive. Enjoy! ( and stay healthy)


Austin and Maysi said...

Tell the Mr. that if he had some silver, that the sick would have left faster and been less, and the little guy that started it all would not be feeling icky again!!! I am not crazy Mr. Mr.!j/k Sorry you were all feeling yucky I hate when my kids are sick too no fun!

Googs said...

Thanks Maysi. That is exactly what Grandma said. Really considering it.