Wednesday, June 9, 2010

FINALLY ! ! ! . . .

It is such an amazing feeling to have something come that you have been waiting so long for! Ok, a little over dramatic, but I just wanted to stress how happy I am at the nice weather that we have had lately. There is still an occasional rain storm, but mingled in with those have been beautiful spring days just begging us to enjoy them. We had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with family over the last couple of weeks and a lot of that time was spent outdoors hiking, playing, fishing, horseback riding, taking wonderful rides through the mountains, and just enjoying the beauty that God has given us.

I really think that it is during the Spring that I think most of the things God has created for us here on earth. Of all the things that we will someday learn about, the creation of this world will be one of the most fascinating. Here are a few pictures of our spring splendor:

JJ loving the outdoors.

Dads are SOOOO handy!

Ky enjoying Grandma's tree swing.

Ever the patient fisher, once a nibble, never a catch. Ok, it lasted all of about 30 minutes, but not bad for the first time out.

The mighty fisher-woman!

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Lisa said...

Love it!! Hopefully it will still be warm when I get home! I plan on a lot of camping so if you guys are still up for it I am there!!