Friday, February 8, 2013

Inspiring Words . . Thoughtful Points of View . .

I just watched the amazing speech given by Dr. Benjamin Carson at the National Prayer Breakfast.  It was  thought provoking and inspirational.  I know that it has been mentioned all week long, I am just getting time to sit and watch (without too many interruptions), and I have to share it.

If you are interested in watching, which I highly suggest, click on the link below.

~ ~ ~

Here a just a couple of his comments that resonated with me:

" . . . if you don't accept excuses, pretty soon, people stop giving them and they start looking for solutions."

" The person that has the most to do with you and what happens to you in life, is you.  You make decisions. You decide how much energy you put behind that decision."

~ ~ ~

I am also going to get a copy of one of his books, America the Beautiful, soon. Ok, I will probably try to get a copy of all of his books to read.   Enjoy!

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