Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Good Tired . . .

I am exhausted. I worked, worked , worked today. Up early ( a goal ), and working in little ways. Some teaching and encouraging with the kiddos on their contributions for the day. A few errands to run; drop items off at the thrift store, groceries, items for Sunday lessons, a last minute surprise for the kiddos. ( a pet and a bit 0f responsibility ). Finally home and back to it.

The day was aboslutely beautiful. We were all grateful that we finished all our "inside" tasks early, as we were able to go outside and enjoy the sun. The kids took advantage of the warmth and got some exercise riding bikes, rollerblading, and all those wonderful outdoor activities we long for during the winter.

Mr. Gravy ( an inside joke between us ), was feeling a bit under the weather, so took it easy and sat at his workbench working on some reloading. I jumped into yard work; cleaning flowerbeds, turning garden soil, raking away the signs of winter. I hope this weather lasts. My flip flops have been screaming to come out of the closet!

** Side Note ** I was happy to see little buds pushing through the soil in my flower beds. Enjoy!

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