Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nature Study, Outdoor Hour Challenge #4 . . .

It is Coming into Focus:

We had a very interesting week and learned a lot. We took a road trip, as a family, and followed closely the Lewis and Clark Expedition trail. What a great and hard adventure that would have been. Along the way, I would tell the kids facts or quotes about the journey that happened at the location we were at. It got us all excited to learn more when we get to our state history.

Snow dusted trees at the top of a summit

We had the opportunity to see a lot of beautiful country and spend some time admiring the nature around us. The area we were in was covered in tall mountains and lush vegetation, including evergreens. The tops of the mountains were dusted in snow and we could see signs of Winter coming to the area. Also on our trip, we were able to see an abundance of wildlife from birds to mammals. This being the case, we decided to make our focus for the next few months on mammals.

While on our trip, we saw many mammals. Antelope, deer, moose, coyotes, just to name a few. We also spent time in a visitor center and learned about some other mammals that they had stuffed examples or pelts for those particular mammals. Some of those included, elk, mink, badger, bear, bobcat, beaver, and more. They had some information sheets there to take that had brief descriptions and pictures of various mammals.

Info sheets on mammals free at a Visitor Center

** I found a great Nature Study Schedule here. Thanks Barb-Harmny! **

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