Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Groups . . .

It has been a while! We, like most, have been really busy enjoying our summer. I have been reading a lot of home school blogs and see that most families have groups or friends that they get together with for field trips or book discussions. I have tried in vain to find some in our area. I guess I will just keep trying away, but if anyone has suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.

My sister gave me some great ideas for some Montessori teaching ideas that I am going to incorporate at the preschool level. A lot of the manipulatives could be easily made or substituted for something that we have around the house, so we'll give it a try.

I am still working on our plan for the fall. I am excited to read the books we have planned, I hope my kids love them as much as I do. We have been noticing lately that our second child has a hard time paying attention. She tends to get distracted easily. This hasn't affected what she is learning, but I don't think she could have lasted long in public school this way. She absorbs information easily through reading or paper work, but through open discussion, not so much. I am hoping that narration will help with this. After a few months, I will try to give an update on this.


Googs said...

To Alicia,

Thanks so much for the info on the meeting. I unfortunately had something come up last minute and was not able to make it. I would like to meet with you and anyone else that would be willing to get some ideas or just to chat about homeschooling. You can email me at

Thanks again, Ginger

Heidi said...

Our 2nd child has a similar issue. I often wonder what his fate would be in public school. Then I take a deep breath and press forward, knowing that what I'm doing is the best for our family.