Monday, April 20, 2009

Quite a Collection . . .

I have been trying to pick up as many of the books on our reading list as I can, but only if they are a great deal. There are a lot of the classics that you can find at your local library, but since most of these will be read by all four of our children and they are great books, I have tried to keep an eye out at local thrift stores and also looked a lot on ebay and amazon. So far, I think that I have done pretty good! This should last us at least through the first few years.

I also got some of our texts in the mail over the last couple of weeks. It just gets me more and more excited! I am still having a hard time getting a couple of the history books I want at a price that I want. I have each of these on a disc to read that came with our base course (curriculum; see older post), but I think it is nice to have an actual book to read as much as possible. I have also worked a lot on getting our spelling and penmanship pages done. I do, however, find myself neglecting things around the house, to spend time on school projects, I need to find my balance.

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